Los Angeles Marathon

Maratonul din Los Angeles va avea loc pe 14 februarie 2016.

Daca participi la acest eveniment te invitam sa sustii proiectele HOSPICE Casa Sperantei pe Galantom.ro. 

Mai multe despre eveniment poti afla la: http://www.lamarathon.com/

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Pagini fundraising

I run for HOSPICE Casa Sperantei at the L.A. Marathon

I always wanted to go back to Los Angeles, the place where I participated at the Olympic Games 30 years ago. Running the L.A. Marathon while raising

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7,060 RON Suma
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Running for hope

I am a father and it hurts to see a child cry, to see the pain on his face, the sorrow and the helplessness of the parents. That is the reason I decid

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Alerg pentru un campus socio-medical la Copaceni

I have two children and I consider myself very happy and lucky to have them and to see how they grow up healthy. Unfortunately, not all the children a

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1 Donatii
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Alaturi de HOSPICE la Los Angeles Marathon

Am decis sa alerg si sa sustin acest proiect, pentru ca am incredere si cred in diferenta pe care o poate face in viata pacientilor si familiilor aces

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Un campus socio-medical la Copaceni

Background sportiv Alerg de peste 5 ani ca amator si particip constant la competitii de running, duatlon si triatlon. In 2011 am facut primul meu ma

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A center for children with life threatening conditions.

I have started training and being involved in sports very early in my life. It was athletics at first but the greatest accomplishments and satisfactio

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Ajutor si incurajare pentru copiii din centrul de la Copaceni

Alerg de peste 5 ani ca amator si incepand de peste 2 ani ma antrenez si particip constant la competitii de running, duatlon si triatlon. In 2015 am f

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Running for HOSPICE.

I've been friends with sports all my life, mainly due to my father's teachings, who played basketball all his life.  Convinced by a close friend abo

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Alaturi de HOSPICE la Los Angeles Marathon

M-am hotarat sa calatoresc peste ocean si sa alerg in echipa HOSPICE, pentru a sprijini primul proiect romanesc partener la un maraton din Statele Uni

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375 Donatii
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Alerg pentru copiii cu boli terminale.

In februarie 2016 voi alerga Maratonul de la Los Angeles in Echipa HOSPICE.  Este pentru prima data cand o organizatie din Romania primeste statutul

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