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I've been friends with sports all my life, mainly due to my father's teachings, who played basketball all his life. 

Convinced by a close friend about 4 years ago, I have started my running saga. Step by step, I caught the vibe and became addicted to it, starting a new lifestyle.  Luckily, I have learnt from good friends & my coach about running, nutrition, preparation. Thus I began a series of half marathons for couple of years. After finishing one of my best Bucharest half marathons and enjoying it fully, I have decided to run a full one - Barcelona Marathon 2015 - a fantastic experience I will never forget. Totally love running, feels so alive:).

All the competitions I have attended in Romania had impressive running HOSPICE Teams that captured my attention. Asking around what's all this about, I found out the special cause these people are running for. It's a privilege to be part of this team and have the opportunity to raise money for a good cause.

The project in Adunatii Copaceni still needs so much more, both for children and their parents. To be able to finalize and bring to life all the facilities, Casa Sperantei needs more funds. If you and your friends could contribute to it and sponsor this project, we can raise money little by little and improve the quality of lives for children. I am deeply grateful for all your help and attention to this cause. 

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Fundația HOSPICE Casa Speranței

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei este o organizatie de caritate neguvernamentala infiintata la Brasov, in anul 1992, la initiativa britanicului Graham Perolls, cu scopul introducerii si dezvoltarii serviciilor specializate de ingrijire pentru bolnavii incurabili in stadii avansate. Este prima unitate de acest fel din Romania si centru de excelenta pentru Europa de Est, in domeniul ingrijirii paliative.

Un centru socio-medical destinat copiilor la Adunatii Copaceni

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei a inceput dezvoltarea unui centru socio-medical oferind educatie, suport si ingrijire complexa pentru pacienti si familiile lor.

Los Angeles Marathon ~ 2016

Maratonul din Los Angeles va avea loc pe 14 februarie 2016. Daca participi la acest eveniment te invitam sa sustii proiectele HOSPICE Casa Sperantei pe  Mai multe despre eveniment poti

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